#2 Quick & Dirty Email Marketing Tip: behave in a 1-to-1 manner

If you search for 1 to 1 marketing you will get results such as personalization, CRM technologies, userbase segmentation and so on. Before you go there and invest in a software or recruit an agency, first identify the principle behind all of those buzzwords and try applying it in your email marketing.

The juice: make the recipient feel like this message is intended to him personally rather than give him the i-am-bulking-everyone-i-have-access-to impression.  The more relevant the message, the higher the probability that the recipient will become engaged upon receiving it. That’s the juice.

How do you get recipients to get this feeling? Here a few examples:

-make the content of the message as relevant to the recipient as possible. One way to achieve this is through userbase segmentation. For example, segment in a list users that purchased a specific product and prepare a custom message for them only. Or make a list of customers that spent more than 100 Euros the past 15 days.

-be explicit in what you are doing. If you did segment your users and you are now addressing a specific segment of those, tell them so. And do so as early in the message a possible (see benefits of cutting to the chase). For example, “You have spent more than 100 Euros the past 15 days and that places you in our Golden Club and eligible for a unique offer…”.

-make copy personalized. The trick here is to make all copy seem as if it is written for this recipient only. This does not mean you need to change your brand’s tone of voice, no just imitate how a company representative would address a customer. To go a step further, you can make the message more personalized by addressing the recipient by his or her name (most email marketing software allow this functionality), explicitly explain why the message is relevant to the recipient, or even better make evident how this message is exclusive for the particular recipient.

-be polite. In 1-to-1 relationships manners matter more. Some examples: don’t try to trick them, don’t make unsubscribing difficult, don’t enroll them in the mailing list without their consent, don’t lie, etc.

-do not treat all customers equal. When I walk in a store and I am a regular, I expect to be treated as one. Similarly if I am not a regular, too much intimacy might be annoying. How would that translate in email marketing world? Segment your users in terms of worth, say gold, silver and bronze, and then treat each group differently. What could differ? The contact frequency first of all, the tone of voice, the quality of the offers, anything that signifies preferential treatment in your business

I believe the main pillars on how to make recipients feel special are here. Do all of the above and you will get 90% of the benefits a 5,000 Euro/ month CRM system could offer you. Have you found another trick in order to make recipients feel special? Please write a comment about it.

#1 Quick & dirty email marketing tip: cut to the chase


Being creative is cool. So is breaking the codes. Those are good ways to attract attention. But keep in mind that those cannot be but exceptions as one cannot be breaking the codes all the time. Why? Well simply because it is too difficult to get it right every time – unless you are Oliviero Toscani himself.



So rule nr. 1 is ‘cut to the chase’ as early as possible. Ideally, this should be in the title, or even better in the Sender’s name. You can try the occasional teaser or unconventional title but the vast majority of your promotional email communication should cut to the chase for the first word. To better explain what I mean, imagine the recipient to be climbing on a moving bus and you have a few seconds to shout something to him that will make him jump off it. This should the test. This why Mega sale! -50% off all designers clothes for next 2 hours is good title and Weekly Digest 20-May featuring Paul Stevenson is a terrible one.

So here are a few tips on how to make your newsletters more direct and effective:

-explain what it is all about as early as possible. Ideally in the subject line. This is the central theme of the newsletter and everything should revolve around this. You can add additional topics in the newsletter but this should be 2ary.

-be consistent: the first phrase of the body should repeat & elaborate on the key message expressed in the subject line

-if you add a photo or graphics, make sure those come after the 1st phrase no matter how interesting or sexy they are

-make sure the photo or graphics used support the key message from the subject line

-identify the common ground among all subject lines and come up with a sender’s name that is relevant. For example, if you are a retailer called Zachs and most newsletters announce flash sales that last for only a few hours, a good sender’s name could be Zach’s sale of the hour. That would leave you space to actually present what is special’s about today’s sale (Designers’ summer skirts at -50% until 15.00) and hence the recipient has all the important info.

To understand the power of being direct, you may do a test of a vague/ teasing title vs. a to-the-point one and compare the results in open and click-through rates. If you do, please share the results in the comments area.