i am referring to the hinduism/ buddhism term defined as follows: the illusion or appearance of the phenomenal world. A bit too abstract really and not very useful in everyday life. But it is a fundamental concept religion-wise so i read a bit about it to understand it better and here is i have come up with.

When you make some accomplishment, people around you tend to apply a multiplier factor by congratulating you, showing you more respect, more value to your opinion. So when you are feeling well about yourself for something accomplished, people around you make you feel even better. The opposite happens when things go bad. People tend to overlook you or even worse to pity you. This makes you even sadder and even more judgmental about yourself. So people around you make you happier about yourself when you are doing well and unhappier about yourself when not. This illusion from your environment amplifying your state of mind is maya.

The key part to understand that can useful to anyone, in business or in life, is that he who manages maya and undertones the effect of environment on mind, that person is more spiritual than average.

And that’s that about maya.

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